Yannidis Bros S.A. since its establishment in 1932 and the introduction of Vitex in 1960 have as ultimate goal the high and steady quality of their products and services. Today, VITEX is the most recognized paint industry in the hearts of its Greek customers and the fastest developing industry in the Balkan area. The classical product VITEX holds the first position in sales for many years now.

The company's utmost goal is its development in a national and international level so as to become a significant representative of the Greek Industry in all the markets where it is present. The company's target is to gain customer's hearts around the world.

Its basic principles are:
• Producing high quality products and providing with equivalent services
• Customer satisfaction
• Contributing to the society welfare
• Respect of the environment, safety and health
• Corporate integrity and reliable transactions
• Abiding laws and ethics

To achieve its goals, VITEX uses all modern management techniques introducing models and standards that render it flexible and competitive, forming as well a frame for continuous improvement. For the achievement of the above goals, the Management on the one hand and the employees on the other commit themselves to apply the company's principles and quality policy through the procedures of the International Quality Assurance System EN ISO 9001:2000.