The primary mission of our company is to exceed its customer's expectations, and create added value through our products, paints and insulating materials. We conduct our business by respecting our core values which make us a socially responsible partner. Our target is to become the first Greek multinational in decorative paints and through this achievement, to distinguish as a considerable player in Europe.


Our customers
are clearly the reason of our existence and the focus of all our actions. Our main care is the absolute satisfaction of the customer and consumer. Each and every one of us contributes in their own way to meeting the customers' needs. The business departments are interconnected on a customer relations basis. Each department provides its services to meet the demands of another one: everybody participates in the service chain having the consumer as a final receiver.

The quality is
a non-negotiable true value in time. This is one of the basic reasons for the existence and survival of our company for so many decades. Our products and services will continue to be the best in the market. We want quality in our transactions with our customers. We will go on looking for quality and innovation in the way we are organized; our performance, our company in general, our working relations and, above all, in our personal growth and development.

Our company's competitiveness
in the 21st century, acquires a predominant importance due to the continuous changes of the market and upgrading of the market. It is now imposed as a concept on all decision-making levels and dynamically shapes our company's strategy, culture and structure in order to enable us respond to the changes of the business environment. The individual is the catalyst to all changes. A communicant to the continuous improvement of work through creativity and aspiration but also to the transmission of decisiveness and enthusiasm to colleagues.

Our company operates like a large family. In a family not everybody is the same. One has a bigger experience, the other a better knowledge and a third one a stronger will for creativity. The aim is always the same and one builds on the assets of the other. A true team rarely fails and, as a rule, it becomes a paradigm to be copied by other teams as the vehicle to success. Mutual understanding, creativity, meritocracy, delegation of authority, effectiveness are some of the basic qualities characterizing teamwork.

has always been and will always be the most powerful value of our company. Our company's long term success and interests are based on honesty, accountability and good practices. Law abiding, respect for the environment, health and safety and the safeguarding of our social stance require the proper management from all of us, honesty and integrity both in our relations with our customers and suppliers as well as with the State and our colleagues.