Yannidis Brothers history started in 1932, in Piraeus, when the three brothers Nicolaos, Armodios and Stavros Yannidis begun their trading and productive activities, specifically in the bituminous paper field. Since then, Yannidis Bros Group course has been constantly rising with the primary sector being the decorative paints. Decorative paints business unit which was established in 1960 still consists the most important unit of the group.

Most of Yannidis Groups companies are hosted in privately-owned buildings and fields. The headquarters are located at Imeros Topos Aspropyrgos. In the same building complex Vitex's production as well as the central warehouses of paints and varnishes are located. The insulating and waterproofing materials factory is located in Agia Paraskevi Aspropyrgos Additionally, there are establishments in Thessaloniki, Belgrade, Bucharest and Sofia.