Strategic partnership with Chemours. Launch of Vitex with Teflon products in Greece & other South-Eastern European markets

Launch of the Global Collection fandeck, in cooperation with the Color Guild Association, in the Greek and other South-Eastern European markets.

Our company joined the Color Guild Association as “partner”.

Initiation of Yacht products production under the brand EUMARIA

Activation in the ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite systems) market under the brand VITEXTHERM

Awarded the prestigious EBEA Award for its Environmental Protection Strategy

A) Installation of Photovoltaic Stations with 1 MW installed capacity on the buildings of the Yannidis Group.
B) Divestment from ASPHALTOP S.A.

A) Reorganization of Asphalt Membranes Business
B) Participation in PACIFIC RENEW ENERGY S.A.

A)Sale of our shares participation in Eurochemical S.A.
B) Exit from the copolymers and homopolymers production business
C) End of activity of polystyrene expansion

A) Sale of YANLACK S.A.
B) Transfer of Vitex plant and Group headquarters in Imeros Topos.
C) End of activity of Syntex S.A. and absorption by Vitex at Imeros Topos Attica

A) Acquisition of neighboring land in Belgrade, totaling 24.000m2.
B) Initial production operations of Vitex's factory in Imeros Topos.
C) Administrative Restructuring. Vision values and new strategic plan.
D) Establishment of Vitex-Hermes Bulgaria E.O.O.D. having its office in Sofia.

A) Warehouse expansion in Northern Greece, in Salonika
B) Second property acquisition in Belgrade
C) Vetrozil S.A. land & building sale

A) Establishment of Vitex-Hermes S.r.l., a subsidiary company in Romania
B) Property acquisition in Bucarest
C) Sale of Tzema company

A) Renaming of the Color Tinting System to Colorful System
B) Absorption of Reinforced Plastics by Yannidis Bros S.A.
C) Property acquisition in Belgrade

A) Absorption of Prozin S.A. by Syntex S.A.
B) Change of the Yannidis Bros S.A's distinctive title from HERMES - HERMICHROM to HERMES-VITEX
C) End of activity of Europanel S.A. and absorption by Vetrozil S. A.
D) Acquisition of industrial land in Imeros Topos, Aspropyrgos

A) Upgrade of the Group's administrative function through the installation of ERP
B) Cease of operations of the CAN making unit

Absorption of VEPO S.A. by Yannidis Bros S.A.

A) Establishment of a new Research & Development Center for Decorative Paints
B) Renovation of the EUROCHEMICAL S.A. factory in Xylocastro, Korinth
C) Foundation of the subsidiary company Vitex-Hermes D.o.o. in Serbia-Montenegro

Establishment of ASPHALTOP S.A for the manufacture of asphalt materials.

Formation and installation of the Hermes Tinting Paint system in 500 points of sale all over Greece.

Construction of the new factory for Reinforced Plastics S.A, on 65th km of National Rd Athens-Lamia.

Expansion of the Asphalt Factory of Aspropyrgos, building of new warehouses.

A. Purchase of large warehouses at Thessaloniki to improve its distribution service in Northern Greece as well as its export promotion toward Balkan countries.
B. Acquisition of EUROCHIMIKI S.A at Xylokastro, a factory for the production of raw materials for adhesives and paints.

Expansion of the factory at Schimitari with a new building for the panel production machines.

Acquisition of PROZIN S.A Company, production of raw materials(PVA-VINYLS-ACRYLICS) for plastics, paints and adhesives for paper, paper packs, wood. Situated in Tavros, Athens.

Investment of new building for offices, warehouses and staff facilities in the complex at 45 Thessalonikis str.and 24 Piraeus str.

A. Acquisition of can making industry ELVA to produce the group's paint containers.
B. Establishing of the new company EUROPANEL S.A at Schimitari for the production of panels for freezers, buildings etc.

Acquisition of SYNTEX S.A paint industry in Aspropyrgos. Produces decorative paints, marine paints, automobile refinishing, aircraft and industrial paints.

Acquisition of the Papapetrou Marbles Company situated at 22 Piraeus and 37 Thessalonikis str.

A. Withdrawal from the maritime sector.
B. Acquisition of TZEMA Co. factory of minerals in Aspropyrgos.

End of activity of motor oils. 1980 Transfer and modernization with new machines of the Bituminous paper-asphalt membranes factory to its new building complex at Aspropyrgos.

Á. Establishment of VEPO S.A, producing polymer dispersions (PVA-VEOVA, Acrylics) used as raw materials in the production of waterbased paints.
Â. Acquisition of VETROZIL at Schimatari, 63 km National Rd Athens - Lamia for the production of Felt Glass.
C. Establishment of YANLACK S.A in Moschato. Representative in Greece of SPIES HECKER (DUPONT) Germany, ITW DEVILBISS United Kingdom, FARECLA United Kingdom, MIRKA Finland.

Establishment of shipping companies under the names: GOLD MARINE and YANNIDIS BROS S.A.

Construction of a new factory in Aspropyrgos for the production of asphalt emulsions, enamels and oxidized asphalt.

Creation of TYZOL factory in Moschato for the production of Expanded Polystyrene.

Merger of Hermes and Hermichrom companies to a Societe Anonyme under the brand name of Yannidis Bros S.A Hermes - Hermichrom.

Á. Transfer of Hermes Factory for the production of bituminous paper and asphalt membranes from the coastal avenue of Moschato to the building complex at 45 Thessalonikis str. and 24 Piraeus av.
Â. Expansion of the building and the mechanical infrastructure for the production of enamel paints VEROLAC, LUSSOLAC enamel, substrates etc.

Establishment of Hermichrom. Factory for the production of decorative paints VITEX, new plant in the industrial zone of Piraeus, 45 Thessalonikis str. and 24 Piraeus Av.

Creation of a Motor Oil Production Unit (revitalization). 1957 Establishment of the factory of Reinforced Plastics, 26 Piraeus str. For the production of Fiber Glass and Polyester roofing sheets, plastic boats and plastic doors.

Investment and Operation of a complex of Bituminous Paper and Asphalt Membranes production on the coastal avenue of Moschato.

Bituminous Paper Trading & Custom clearance services