Corporate Social Responsibility

Yannidis Bros S.A. respects and accepts the principles of Corporate Social responsibility, as they are presented in the European Commission’s announcement (March 2006), since they are in line with the way it has been operating since it was first founded in 1932.

Within this framework, it carries out initiatives which aim at improving the quality of life both through its high quality products and the social responsibility actions it materializes:

It promotes innovation and develops products which offer added value to consumers, while at the same time are safe as far as public health and the environment are concerned, throughout their life-cycle.

It is committed to protecting the environment through its environmental management system. Additionally, it adopts procedures which assure the Health and Safety of its employees. That’s why it has acquired the ISO 14000 and has agreed to the principles of “Responsible Care”.

It collaborates with the local community where its headquarters are situated, in a mutual climate of transparency and trust.

It invests in its human resources and especially in the personal development of its employees, their training and for life education. It supports its people and their families through difficult times.

It operates in accordance with the high standards set by the European Union on public health and the environment, promoting the same high quality products it sells in Greece to all the countries it operates in.

Yannidis Bros S.A. focuses its social responsibility activities on initiatives related to the local community wherever it's installations exists and on the island of Nissyros, birth-country of its founders. Indicative actions include:

Donation to the Municipality of Mandraki Nissyros of a plot and construction of a museum for the archeological and historical findings of the island. The museum was inaugurated by the Patriarch Mr Vartholomeos, who honoured the Yannidis family by giving Mr Nikolaos Yannidis the honourary title of “Entimologiotatos Arhontas Aktouarios”.

Donation to the Municipality of Moshato of a building (former hotel) with the exclusive purpose its construction and operation as a nursing and elderly people’s home for the municipality (“Yannidis Nursing and Elderly People’s Home of the Municipality of Moshato”).

Substantial financial donations to holy temples and charitable foundations designated as Great Benefactors, such as the holy temple “Metamorphosis Moshatou” and the Social Welfare of Moshato.

On going financial donations to the non-profit organization “Nissyros Study Society”. The Yannidis family are founding members and designated as Great Benefactors.

Construction of a building designed to operate as a “Public Library of the Municipality of Mandraki Nissyros”.

Grants to athletic teams and cultural events.

Financial support to the employees of the Yiannidis Group in every occasion.

Foundation of a blood bank of the employees, in cooperation with the ELPIS hospital since 1994

As a sign of gratitude for the family’s social work, the Municipality of Moshato renamed Pentelis street to Yannidis Brothers street. Moreover, their homeland Nissyros, named the central road of the island’s capital Yannidis Brothers street.