Research & Research

Research and development, has always been a vital factor for the progress of a company. In ever changing markets, continuous revision of the product range is essential, in order to acquire a technological superiority or comparative advantage to any competitive product thus satisfying the always increasing needs of the consumers.

The Research and Development Department of Yannidis Group is run by experienced and creative, scientific personnel that operate in a modern, fully equipped laboratory. Research is accomplished in the direction of creating new products, further improving the existing ones and achieving high performance on quality, environmental protection and public health. R&D also, determines the selection of raw materials which are going to be used and specifies the equipment and production processes. There is an excellent cooperation with other departments, such as the Quality Control Department, the Production Department and Marketing, for joint evaluation projects and decisions in the industrialization of a product, depending on operational capacity and consumer's demands.

R&D Department is closely monitoring the technological evolutions and trends, in order to locate new markets, and to promote the suitable products through an effective sales network. Due to the leading position of Yannidis Group in the market for several years, we enjoy the pleasure of shaping trends and introduce innovative products.

In addition, the product stewardship practice, which is a process of promoting viable products, services and procedures from the moment of their birth until the end of their life (from cradle to grave), is seriously taken under consideration, especially when decisions relating to design, development, production, transport and waste management are made. The aim is to achieve minimum environmental and public health impact, during the lifecycle for each product. Greek, European and national legislation of the markets in which we operate are totally adopted for any activity of the group.